Széchenyi 2020

Special applications

Special applications
The properties of the glass have improved considerably thanks to the improvements. As a result of the modification of the material composition, new colors were added to the palette, the light transmittance of the colorless glasses grew, and the crystal clear glass containing reduced vasoxide appeared.

The use of special coatings opens up a new space in the app, with previously unimaginable features, giving this wonderful material. Some of them include energy-saving, resulting in heat-reflecting glasses that have contributed to the environment, which have become extremely popular in the bakeries and in the refrigeration industry. Dual-function media that can be operated as media interfaces, among other things, offer commercial centers excellent access to digital technology. Special laminating foils provide anti-skid properties to glass barriers, and its static properties enable the glass to be used as a support structure.
Our development team is constantly working on the development of technologies that enable us to deliver these qualities to the state of the art products that meet the needs of the market.

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