A special glass structure that combines the applied base glasses with the best noise reduction value for the other parameters as well.

volume (dB) subjective feeling

10 can not be heard
20-25 is very quiet
40-50 soft
audio 55-65
100 is very loud
110 intolerable

Hungaropan® SonOr: An enhanced airborne glass structure. Rw: Values higher than 33 dB.

If the sound absorption value is subtracted from the noise level in the given environment. then the table can be used to determine what the sound insulation actually means. For example: traffic street noise level 60 dB, window glazing with Hungaropan® SonOr 42, which means 42 dB airborne noise: 60- 42 = 18 dB is a filtered noise level ideally in the "very low" range from the above table. Of course, glazing is just one of the factors, insulation of the wall, and the right frame structure is equally important for noise suppression.

Sound control
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