Tempered safety glass

Tempered safety glass
Tempered safety glass (SichOr®) is recommended for all areas where there is a risk of injury if the glass breaks.

When the untreated glass breaks, larger, sharp, sharp shards can cause life-threatening injuries. When the toughened glass fractures, only a small bottle of vodka is produced, which does not cause serious injury.

In addition to reducing the risk of accidents, it is important not to neglect that the mechanical properties of the toughened safety glass, in particular the bending strength, are several times better than the unprotected glass. This property also provides long-term security.

Applications: all automotive glass, public institutions, sports facilities, doors and windows, frameless constructions, roof windows, etc.

The so-called "dampening of the risk of spontaneous fracture" Heat soak test glass is also available in our portfolio.

Tempered safety glasses
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