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Large-sized insulating glasses

Large-sized insulating glasses
There is a tendency to notice the need for large glass surfaces. Increasing the aesthetics of buildings in this way, however, will bring new challenges.

Insulation ability is needed further, as safety considerations come to the forefront, such as sound absorption and other factors. In fulfilling these, an increasing challenge is on the glass.

As far as size is concerned, we have come to the point of development, investment, to meet the needs.

With hardened laminated glass, using state-of-the-art glass types, the complete insulating range is available in large sizes, provided that these parameters are also assured.

Hungaropan®, Hungaropan® Plus,

Hungaropan® Top, Hungaropan® Solar,

Hungaropan®Multi, Hungaropan® SonOr,

Hungaropan® SichOr, Hungaropan® Struktur.

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Large insulating glasses
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