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Multifunctional insulating glasses

Multifunctional insulating glasses
Insulating glass constructions made using state-of-the-art magnetron or pyrolytic coated base glass.

Hungaropan® Plus: using internal heat reflecting silver glass, Ug: 1.1 W / m2K

For 2-layered glass it is up to 1.0 v 1.1

For 3-layer glass: 0.5 v 0.6

Hungaropan® Top: using internal heat reflecting silver foil with argon gas charge, Ug: 1.0 W / m2K

Hungaropan® Solar: a fabric made of tinted or coated sunscreen glass. The most important parameters are given by our specialists in the knowledge of the glass type.

Hungaropan®Multi: a good sunscreen and a multi-function coating with thermal protection function.

Glass structures can be assembled on the basis of special considerations such as increased sound absorption, increased sun protection, safety factors (burglary protection, fire prevention), design, etc. These properties can even be combined.

Multifunctional insulating glasses
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