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Laminated safety glasses

Laminated safety glasses
Multiple glass panels, laminated with PVB, EVA or other laminate glass. When fractured, the intermediate layer prevents fragmentation of glass pieces, thus preventing serious injury.

Its mechanical properties are similar to untreated glass, but the strength of bending strength can be increased by using hardened, reinforced glass.

It is available in different thicknesses, with colored foil. Using special foil, it can be used to produce glazing with increased airborne sound (Hungaropan® SonOr). Enhanced security requirements (eg, roll-off inhibition) can also be achieved.

It can be used as an element of most insulating glass. Overhead heaters, floodlights, suspended ceilings, partitions, doors and partitions can be installed as elements of partitions. Heat-reinforced, tempered laminated glasses are the indispensable materials for point-facade facades, canopies, interior doors, glass stairs, tiles and barriers.

Laminated safety glasses
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