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Tempered safety glass

Tempered safety glass
For increased mechanical or thermal stress, and in locations where crash scratches are not permitted due to accident protection considerations.

Most standard glass types are available in a hardened design. In choosing the right glass, our specialists are ready to help.

SichOr®: a widely used tempered glass product.

(SanitOr®), Shower Enclosures, Interior Doors (DecodOr®), Door Inserts, Facade Glazing, Secondary Facades, Stainless Steel Doors, Doors, Doors, Doors, street furniture, various road and rail vehicle glasses. Only a few of the extremely wide range of applications that these glasses are suitable for.

Hungaropan® SichOr, Hungaropan® Struktur can also be used as an insulating glass.

The property that reduces the risk of spontaneous fracture is the result of a special heat treatment process. This service is also available.

Due to the tightening of the safety regulations, special requirements for laminated glasses are required in some installation environments. One component of these glass structures is the so-called " heat-reinforced glass. In monolithic form, it does not count as a safety glass, it becomes another glass. This important element of our product range is also of safety.

Tempered safety glasses
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