Széchenyi 2020


The main activity of the production plant of Orosházaglas Kft, which has several decades of history:

Glassware Processing:

  • cutting jumbo size (6000 * 3210) from raw material into automatic machine lines
  • Polishing straight and shaped glass on CNC machines
  • drilling, milling, water cutting tasks on CNC plants
  • Ceramic painting on partially or completely surface, on screen and cylindrical paint lines
  • Training and heat strengthening on air-blast furnaces
  • heat insulating glass manufacturing on automated production lines, custom sizes with manual production
  • production of laminated glass with safety foil with low pressure autoclave system
  • heat soak testing of tempered products

Product composition:

  • architectural facade glasses
  • interior decoration products
  • cabinet booths
  • glasses of public transport vehicles
  • other industrial use products

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